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Jardin d’Aventure : Garden of adventure from 2 years

It is a playground for kids
Reserved for toddlers from 2 years, they will leave to the discovery of bridges to cross, a net balls, tunnels, huts, but also swings, etc.

Access to the playground of “Lac’cro Pitchoun” remains under the responsibility and supervision of an adult.

Jardin d’Aventure in action !


Lac’Cro Pitchoun : Acrobatic courses through the trees from 1.05m

This is a course not high, with easy games for all, so that all children can enjoy.
Accompanying persons can help them if they need, since they have access to the life line and carabiners of their adventurers. Reassuring for everyone !
Footbridge, log, zip line, swing…

A real acrobatic course to discover the first sensations, especially studied and designed with games at reasonable heights for each of them to find pleasure ….
Tyrolean bridge, climbing wall, net…

These adventurers will take a bit more height and can enjoy different games, at their own pace and without fear by developing their concepts of balance…
Mini Tarzan jump, kick scooters, zip line, slackline ….

Course especialy made for children who love speed. Our adventurers will can rush on lot of zip line and be surprise by new games.
Ludge, bridge, huts…

Mandatory presence of a parent or responsible adult.
You can continuously monitor from the floor for children accompanied throughout the courses and especially to admire the prowess of your Kids!

Lac’cro Pitchoun in action !


Lac’Cro Découverte: Acrobatic courses through the trees from 1.25m

This first courses presents no degrees of difficulty, open to everyone, parents and children over 1m25, in order to discover and gain confidence together securely, Have fun at your own pace and without risk: victoria bridge, footbridge , slackline, big net …

You will take a little altitude and you will taste the sensation of height: swing, zigzag, barrel, net to cross, zip …. allowing all to get in good conditions to approach the next courses.

Zip line course refreshing adapted for younger than older. A sharing and slip moment wich make you to go back, with the Aqua Zip line !

Mandatory presence of an adult for children under 14 years.

Lac’cro Découverte in action !


Lac’Cro Aventure : Acrobatic courses through the trees from 1.35m

Welcome to a new dimension … you will discover 19 more aerial attractions that will provide immediate sensations (height, balance, speed, ..) with: 30 m flying surfing, sledding, or even the big net to be able to run freely letting go ,. Entertainment always guaranteed safe
For the more active, the side “sport” : You will find: the vine Tarzan, ropes U … with warm vocal cords ….

Relax Option
You will realize completely new innovative games in the area, You will take of the altitude (17 m) and will face a climbing wall, several meters downhill scooter, Tyrolean 100m ….

Warning 3. 2. 1 : immediate departure!
Course of many zip lines including the Mega Zip line of 200 M and MORE THAN 20 METERS HIGH.
Big acceleration: guaranteed sensations ! Come try, you will come back…

Mandatory presence of an adult for children under 14 years.

DEFLECTION: For those who want more adrenaline
On the same platform, you will choose according to your motivation between the “relaxation” and “sport” option thanks to a deflection system.

Lac’cro Aventure in action !


Lac’Cro Sensation : Acrobatic courses through the trees from 1.50m

Sport option
For the more daring, there will be the possibility of borrowing the “sport” option, to the delight of our adventurers, the difficulty will increase on new higher and technical games: a bike wait for you make the final sprint, you’ll be on our MEGA toboggan slide 16 m long ….

You need to draw on reserves ! A course more physical; you will need all your senses to succeed (strenght, balanced, courageous, agility…)
You will discover: the famous Jane’s Jump, infernal cords, ladder upside down, and many other surprises…

News 2018
For athletes of Lac’Cro Parc, this course is areally challenge, exceptionally difficult… Many will abandon before the end. Will you be the warrior of Lac’Cro Parc ??
Mandatory presence of an adult for children under 14 years.

DEFLECTION: For those who want more adrenaline
On the same platform, you will choose according to your motivation between the “relaxation” and “sport” option thanks to a deflection system.

Lac’cro Sensation in action !

Even if an approximate age is indicated, only the size remains the guarantor of safety for access to certain courses.

People measuring less than 1,35m have an access to Lac’Cro Pitchoun + Découverte +Aventure
People measuring more than 1,35m have an access to Lac’Cro Aventure & Lac’Cro Sensation.


Maxi Bungee isn’t available this year, sorry !


Want to discover a mind-blowing acceleration?
Fly to 15m high with an 3G acceleration force !
The feeling of strong acceleration and an impression of height that is accompanied, at the highest point of ejection, of an feeling of weightlessness, followed by a sensation of falling when you get down.

This activity is available from age 10 (depending of the size).
We adapt the jump with settings according to your desires, with ejections more or less rapid and more or less high.

Will you find the courage to launch in the air as superheroes ?
Giggles guaranteed!

Picnic area and rest reserved for customers

A comfortable space is at the disposal of the customers of Lac’Cro Parc: there are picnic tables, toilets, wooded areas, and relaxing hammocks, a play area: nordic bowling, bowls…

A barbecue area is also available for customers, as well as arbours (there are possibility to booking for meetings, seminar, family meal…)


NEWS 2018

A terrace with garden tableswhere you can regain strenght and relax before starting again course, with a new point of sale ( confectionery, drinks, ice creams…)