Our commitments

You will evolve in an environment 100% secure, independently and under supervision.
The leaders of Lac’Cro Parc wished favor the safety of all, the assurance that children and adults will not unhook

Your safety is our priority.
You will take a departure to new adventures in a natural environment and share full of emotions.

  • Clothes recommended

    Sports shoes, long hair and glasses attached, licensed backpack, clothing suitable depending on the weather.
    Outlawing jewelry, scarves, handbags and other valuables that might fall (we do not have changing rooms).
    For the comfort and hygiene of each, protective gloves are on sale at the reception of the park.

  • Weather

    The courses are passable with mild or moderate rainy weather; you only have to dress accordingly.

    By stormy weather or heavy rain, the courses are inaccessible and closed to the public.


Internal Rules

  • Mandatory safety briefing

    Before leaving on different courses, everyone including people who have already practiced this kind of activity, attend a briefing with material instructions and session start explanations (CUMEDS) lasting about 10 minutes, you will be proposed either by a qualified operator or by a video (in the presence of an operator)

  • Equipement

    All participants are equipped with an operator of personal protective equipment provided by us (EPI: harness, harnesses, lanyards, carabiners & continuous line hook), this material is checked before and after each use and meet safety standards.

  • Test initiation

    You will make a small introductory courses on workshops close to the ground with scenarios of the different equipment that you will find on the different courses of our park.

    An operator informs and / or verify the safety precautions to respect, it will resume if necessary explanations for those who need it. He will judge and validate, your ability and ability to operate independently on different high ropes course.

  • Courses

    You are ready to operate independently on different routes and especially to have fun.

    – The secure system of continuous line is very easy to use and suitable for all, but a minimum of reflection will be requested, (educational interests and fun for our kids!).
    Equipped with a safety hook that connects the beginning of courses, it follows you throughout your workshops and retired only at the end of each course. With the second snap, everyone will learn to secure responsibly and be able to play the adventurers …

    – Before each workshop an explanatory signs (pictogram) from each workshop will facilitate your manipulations and go.

    – For your safety and to intensely enjoy the workshops of the park we recommend you to do the courses in a specific order (emotion / growing difficulties)

  • The staff

    All of our staff are graduated (CQP OPAH) in order to control the handling of equipment and professional technical rescue.
    They will explain the functioning, guide you and advise you on your autonomous evolution in height, all along the courses for your safety.

    You can identify people in surveillance and response (Operators and Stakeholders) thanks to their fluorescent green T-shirt marked with the logo “LAC’CRO PARC”

  • Commitments / quality certifications

    We respect the standards in terms of safety for the design, construction, testing and maintenance of high ropes course:
    – The individual equipment are checked and all equipment is CE certified.
    – The study, design, realization of all games on the courses and workshops were conducted by the manufacturer INDY development park, in compliance with NF EN 15567 (Part 1 and 2) to ensure your safety and comfort. While respecting and protecting the natural environment with the choice of location of the workshops.
    – Facilities and games are controlled, verified and validated annually by accredited independent bodies.
    – A Phytosanitary diagnosis is performed annually by a forester, trees are controlled by checking their strength and abilities to receive the games.

    We are affiliated with the SNEPA , working with the authorities and ministries, insurance, lawyers, with hardware manufacturers, …, to improve safety for the public parks.


    The documents on accreditation, the various certifying bodies, internal regulations, the safety instructions, as well as diplomas facilitators are displayed at the reception of the park.